Spitalfields (1)

If by any chance you’re interested, I’ve just been tipped off how to locate the programme I recorded a couple of months ago with several current residents of Spitalfields, including Dan Cruickshank, Marianna Kennedy, who lives in Fournier Street, the printmaker, Adam Dant, who lives in Club Row, and Tim Whittaker who runs the Spitalfields Trust.   It’s not straightforward to find.   You go to https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/ and enter Charles Saumarez Smith.   The programme is almost entirely about the politics of conservation, beginning with the battle to preserve Elder Street from its destruction by British Land in the mid-1970s, the establishment of the Spitalfields Trust in 1977, the gradual gentrification of Fournier Street, to the more recent battles over Spitalfields Market, Bishopsgate Yard and, most recently, Norton Folgate.   It’s a bit messy because it was unscripted and recorded live, but not necessarily the worse for that.


3 thoughts on “Spitalfields (1)

  1. Enjoyable broadcast. And one can access it directly at:

    BTW, one can embed URLs in the text of your posts rather than posting them inline, which can be messy, particularly when they are long. In WordPress you will probably find that selecting the text to be the link, then activating Cmnd-K (or Ctrl-K in Windows) will bring up a dialogue field in which you can insert the URL.

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