Trentham Gardens

On Sunday morning, we went to see the gardens at Trentham, the ruined Barry house of the Dukes of Sutherland which was demolished in 1911 and of which now only the ruined sculpture gallery and Grand Entrance remain:-

The gardens were maintained for public benefit, with a dance hall, until the proximity of a local colliery led the Sutherlands to transfer its ownership first to the property developer John Broome, when much of the statuary is said to have been removed, and subsequently to the National Coal Board, when it was vandalised.   In 1996, the estate was acquired by St. Modwen’s Properties who have done a great deal to revive it without public funding, following plans drawn up by Todd Longstaffe-Gowan and Tom Stuart-Smith and with planting by Piet Oudolf.   At the far end of the parterre is the copy of Cellini’s Perseus which we borrowed for the Bronze exhibition:-

And on the main road, we stopped to admire Charles Heathcote Tatham’s great, neoclassical mausoleum:-


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