Venice (3)

I again strayed further off the beaten track than I was planning to, wandering round the Dorsoduro en route to Stephen Chambers’s exhibition in the Ca’ Dandolo.

Starting in the Gesuati, where an entry by Keith Christiansen of the Met. on 18th. century Venice, encouraged me to pay closer attention to the paintings and statuary than I might have done:-

Then, S. Trovaso and its adjacent boatyard:-

This is the door of Spirito Santo, an Augustinian convent on the fondamenta Zattere, long closed:-

And the scuola next door:-

Then I went to the Ca’ Rezzonico:-

And San Sebastiano, the last church on my church crawl, with its great Veroneses:-


2 thoughts on “Venice (3)

    • Yes, I see that there is a line in Canto LXXVI which reads, ‘Well, my window…looked out on the Squero where Ogni Santi…meets San Trovaso’. Later on, he lived in Rio S. Vio and died in the Calle Querini. Charles

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