Venice (4)

Following the good advice of comments on my blog, I set off to the Arsenale by way of the Chiesa della Madonna dell’Orto.   This is not logical, I know, but I was intrigued by the idea of seeing works in their original setting.   I passed S. Giovanni Crisostomo, by Mauro Coducci.   Early morning mass was about to begin:-

Then, through Cannareggio to the church of Madonna dell’Orto, rather remote, a Gothic barn, with grand Tintorettos in the apse and, on the right, a very beautiful altarpiece of Saint John the Baptist and other saints (c.1495), still in its original (stone) frame:-

I hopped on a vaporetto to the Arsenale, the end of the tour.


2 thoughts on “Venice (4)

  1. Vivien & John McCormick. Lancashire. says:

    Flattered that you did what we try to do. Thank you !
    However we are puzzled by the comment above . Derain?
    The finely photographed St.John the Baptist & Saints is by Giambattista Cima da Conegliano, in its original frame as you say. There is another beautiful Cima in S. Giovanni in Bragora in Castello – The Baptism of Christ- also we think in its original stone frame. The Baptist is remarkably similar to him as he appears in the painting in Madonna dell’ Orto. Perhaps no surprise bearing in mind the artist’s forenames?

    We follow a very useful, tho’ perhaps ‘popularist ‘, book entitled ‘Venice: a guide to paintings in original settings ‘ by Terisio Pignatti. 1995.
    We stay in a small, unpretentious & friendly hotel , Hotel Ca’ Fortuny , very close to Palazzo Fortuny, easily accessible from San Angelo vaporetto stop & therefore from Marco Polo by Allilaguna. In Rioterra della Mandola..
    We look forward to your next visit to Venice.

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