Charleston Festival

We had our annual visit to the Charleston Festival.   We heard Anne Sebba talk about the experience of French women in Paris during the war, Artemis Cooper on Elizabeth Jane Howard and a debate on the relative merits of Turner and Monet which was unexpectedly won easily by Turner (a vote for a British painter, perhaps).   But most impressive was the view of Firle Beacon and the line of the South Downs as we drove back from a private performance of Weber Invitation to the Dance and Ravel Miroirs:-


6 thoughts on “Charleston Festival

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Excellent composition with the contrast of the dead (dying?) tree lighted and highlighted (compared to the area immediately below the trees) perfectly against the beautiful scenery in the rest of the pic. Thank you for continuing to share your travels far and near.

    All the best,

  2. Andrew Jackson says:

    I love the poster-like quality of the lower picture. Reminiscent of the work of Gregory Brown, Frank Newbould and Leslie Carr.

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