The Apollo Podcast

Readers of my blog may by now be getting a bit sick of the flow of publicity surrounding the publication of the book, but I have just been listening to a podcast recorded by Thomas Marks, the editor of Apollo, which helped me to think about, and reflect on, the character of the book and its literary antecedents.   He does the questioning very thoughtfully, helping me to place it as a text in arguments not just about gentrification, but also historic preservation.   The length of the podcast is apparently determined by the length of the average tube journey to work, so that people can listen whilst whiling away their travel.   It’s on   Enjoy !


One thought on “The Apollo Podcast

  1. Nonsense : followers of your Blog are in no way sated with news about it. We welcome the fact that it is getting to a wider public.

    That is an excellent notice by Apollo, and a good defence of the Walsall Art Gallery which is too good, both as Gallery and as architecture, to close.

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