Charleston Farmhouse (3)

Whilst I was at Charleston, I picked up a copy of a book of photographs of the house and interiors as they were in 1981, three years after the death of Duncan Grant, as taken by Kim Marsland, who was then a student at Maidstone School of Art.   I have found the book unexpectedly evocative of the house as it was before its renovation, at a time when it was lived in by Vicki Walton, who had worked as Quentin Bell’s studio assistant, and when the family were wondering what to do with it and whether or not it would be accepted by the National Trust (it wasn’t).   It must have been at roughly this time that I first visited it, walking along the track beneath the Downs from Heighton Street.   But annoyingly I can’t remember the house as it was then, nor did I have a camera, as did Kim Marsland, to record its more rundown and unreconstructed state.


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