Mariana Cook

Since we have realised that we will have to try and beat a retreat from Madrid tomorrow (flights permitting), we came to see the exhibition of Mariana Cook’s photographs, the raison d’être of our Madrid trip.   It’s being held at Ivory Press, Elena Foster’s very beautiful exhibition space, designed by her husband, Norman, and reminiscent of the entryway he designed long ago for Katherine Hamnett in Brompton Cross:-

The exhibition is called Lifeline and was selected by Elena Foster herself from works which Mariana took between 1999 and 2015, when she tried to take one photograph a day, often extremely abstract, of objects or details of daily life – a leaf, a pair of pliers, a bucket, a view from her apartment window.   Besides the photographs, I very much enjoyed the accompanying display cases, with documents of Mariana’s life as a photographer, including an early photograph of her in Yosemite being photographed by Ansel Adams:-


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