British Airways (3)

Several people have commented that they thought my previous posts on the performance of British Airways were surprisingly restrained.   It is true that I have not wanted to think that a major international airline, once a flagship carrier, could be so apparently uncontrollably incompetent as to send five pieces of luggage to Madrid after they should have known the passengers had returned and four days after they were informed – in person and not by machine – that one of those pieces of luggage contained essential medical supplies.   I think of the moment when I looked over the barriers in the baggage hall at Heathrow and saw trollies and trollies of luggage lined up in endless rows and a single person, perhaps the last remaining baggage handler, aimlessly wandering around inspecting the luggage tickets and doing nothing whatsoever about it.


3 thoughts on “British Airways (3)

  1. That’s an image that says it all. And you were, typically, restrained, to your credit. It is extraordinary and disgraceful that they could treat Romilly this way.

  2. William Griffin says:

    Restraint under such provoking circumstances is a great virtue. I trust that BA will provide some form of compensation for the distress caused by the Company’s blitheringness.

  3. Dick Humphreys says:

    That was a particularly distressing experience for you.
    Big organisations, private or public….not a great idea in my humble opinion.

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