The Poll (1)

Off to the polls.   Again.   Is it the third time in three years ?  And am I alone in feeling a sense of irritation that the Prime Minister, having promised several times that there would not be another election and standing on a platform of stability, has called a redundant election as the result of a walk in the woods in Dolgellau and without consulting anyone, including her Chancellor of the Exchequer, for the sole purpose of boosting her already solid majority ?  I have no sense of what the result will be (in Tower Hamlets we live in a one party state), but regard it as at least possible that this sense of taking the electorate for granted will be disabused.


5 thoughts on “The Poll (1)

  1. I agree : she has been amazingly inept and incompetent throughout the campaign (rivalled by Diane Abbott), and has shown that, despite her competence as Home Secretary, she is not up to being Prime Minister,

    I fear she will win, but it’s a grim prospect to have somebody as dim and dull as she is negotiating on our behalf over the EU.

  2. Denise Wilson says:

    I am so disappointed by yet another election – and at a time when the Govt. is utterly distracted by Brexit and can ill afford further distractions. If there was a chance of a more liberal Britain emerging, it could just be worth it, but I won’t hold my breath!

  3. Jane de Sausnarez says:

    I’m hoping that some hubris might be on the horizon, followed by some hopes re countering a hard Brexit.. Also the possibility of a bit more honesty and far fewer lies.

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