Old Basel

I only had time for a quick walk across the Rhine and up the hill into the Altstadt:-

Past the Blaues Haus, designed by Samuel Werenfels for Lukas Sarasin, who, together with his brother who lived next door, owned a silk factory:-

Then up the Augustinergasse:-

I ducked into the Natural History Museum:-

Past an eighteenth-century fountain:-

And the cathedral:-

And down the Rittergasse to the Kunstmuseum:-


2 thoughts on “Old Basel

  1. Oliver Domeisen says:

    Dear Charles, as coincidence would have it I was also at the Basel Minster yesterday afternoon following a wonderful brunch at the Schaulager within the setting of David Claerbout’s magnificent video piece featuring Berlin’s Olympia Stadium (addressing the fallacy of apparently eternal architecture). The minster has some of the best late gothic tracery in Switzerland, executed in the peculiar red sandstone by Hans Nussdorf in the late 15th C. The pulpit is particularly intricate and delicate. The ‘Münsterbauhütte’ have just begun to revive the 19th century tradition of taking casts from ornamental details of the building and selling them to visitors to help fund renovations. So I left for London with a wonderful lily-shaped-crocket in my suitcase; albeit in ‘artificial’ red sandstone. So on the one hand there was a video projection that claimed to run for a thousand years, on the other a piece of stone that may not last more than a couple of decades. Food for thought.

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