Borough Market

As it was a sunny afternoon, I thought I would walk back through Borough Market, I suppose subconsciously wanting to show sympathy for the victims of the recent ghastly atrocity, but also to support the traders whose income must have been knocked.   I had forgotten how much I liked it – the mixture of cheese, coffee, cakes and fresh vegetables underneath the railway bridge, luckily having so far resisted too much redevelopment:-


2 thoughts on “Borough Market

  1. Pamela Glasson Roberts says:

    I too love Borough Market & visit as often as possible. Will be there this weekend. As you said, to show some solidarity with the traders who have all lost custom & money as well as sympathy for those who died & admiration for those whose bravery prevented more from dying. The Market will never be the same again but it will still be wonderful, now touched with a tinge of sadness.

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