Theo Crosby (2)

Of course, I left out the whole of the second half of Theo Crosby’s career, much of which must have been subsumed by the growing international success of Pentagram, based in an old milk dairy in Notting Hill and a large brownstone office building in Manhattan.   But he got involved in several unexpected projects.   The first was, as Mark Fisher has pointed out, the reconstruction of the Globe Theatre, where he was fascinated by the task of authentic wooden reconstruction and was responsible for the 1981 master design, including the use of thatch;  the second was, equally surprisingly, the renovation of Unilever House, where he experimented with the reconstruction of art deco detailing between 1978 and 1983;  and the third was that he became one of the people who advised the Prince of Wales on his architectural policies in the mid-1980s, helping to devise the credo of A Vision of Britain.   All of this made him a slightly unlikely candidate to be an RA, but he was elected an ARA in 1982 and a full RA in 1990, the same year he became Professor of Architecture at the RCA and not long before his death in 1994.


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