Eugenie Vronskaya

I was asked to interview Eugenie Vronskaya in the courtyard of the RA as part of the festivities of Mayfair Art Weekend.   She was trained at the Krasnopresnenskaya School of Art, an interdisciplinary art school in Moscow with a system of training equivalent to that of the Bauhaus.   She arrived in England in 1989 after being given a six-month instead of a two-week visa (they were more generous in those days) and, during the six months, attended a residency at Pine Plane in upstate New York under Anthony Caro.   After studying at the Royal College of Art, she retreated to the Highlands, but is now again based in London painting portraits, of which an extensive series are currently on display in John Martin Gallery in Albemarle Street, including some very recognisable art world figures:-


One thought on “Eugenie Vronskaya

  1. At the risk of being hyper-critical they would appear (from these photos) to be Likenesses rather than Portraits, just as that exhibition of Hockneys in the Sackler were recently.

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