The Isle of Dogs (1)

I have been preoccupied in the last week by a contribution I have been asked to make to a volume of essays about the future of London to be published by Ben Rogers and his Centre for London.   I was asked to submit photographs which might indicate the future develooment of East London.   

By chance, yesterday morning I revisited the area just south of Canary Wharf which is the subject of one of the photographs and shows the huge and unrestrained development which is going on as Canary Wharf moves from office development to residential.   These are two of the tower blocks which will dwarf Piers Gough’s Cascades:-

From the Sir John McDougall Gardens on the west side of the Isle of Dogs, one sees the curious mixture of big business tower blocks and 1960s social housing blocks which were given hats to match Canary Wharf:-

Beyond, on Millharbour, there are a number of massive new developments, not unimpressive, but I don’t know who the architects are.   As in Vauxhall, it’s a city within a city:-


3 thoughts on “The Isle of Dogs (1)

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Would you be able to provide the name of the round glass building or the name of the street where it is located? I would like to look it up in street view to get a better idea of what it looks like. It seems to widen as it gets higher. Thank you in advance.

  2. These are remarkable developments. They make the existing buildings on the Isle of Dogs (Narrow Street, buildings such as Michael and Jenny Barraclough’s house, and Michael’s Mudchute) all the more important.

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