The Isle of Dogs (2)

As a result of the trip downriver for the Whitebait Dinner, I was able to see the Isle of Dogs from a sideways perspective, which I haven’t done for a long time.

Cascades is still dominant as one swings round southwards:-

Canary Wharf itself remains semi-sublime:-

Dundee Wharf is on the bend turning south:-

This is another of Piers Gough’s contributions to the riverside – Seacon Wharf of 2004:-

Looking further into the Isle of Dogs, there is a mass of new building whose architects I can’t identify:-

At the bottom is Dr. Barraclough’s house, designed by Stout and Litchfield and a monument of a different era:-

Looking back, I am reminded that the idea of Docklands was the result of a visit by Geoffrey Howe to Hong Kong:-


3 thoughts on “The Isle of Dogs (2)

  1. How different the River looks at low tide!

    Next time you go down there, perhaps you would give us more photographs of Michael and Jenny Barraclough’s house and of the farm he created at Mudchute?

    And more Piers Gough, please. He’s such a good architect.

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