Pudding Mill Lane

I wanted to take a photograph for my lecture which might show the radical transformation in the docklands from when I first knew it in the 1980s, overgrown and semi-derelict and in some places quite dangerous, and how it is now – half-improved and manicured, but still an odd mixture of new developments and the still wild.   I went to onvestigate the new station at Pudding Mill Lane which I guessed correctly would have plenty of juxtapositions between the old topography of Joseph Bazalgette’s sewer pipe, now fertile with wild flowers, and the new tower blocks which line Stratford High Street:-


2 thoughts on “Pudding Mill Lane

  1. Charles,
    Your photos dynamically and nostalgically illustrate London East End for me. While on the DLR recently I recalled that, many years ago, I drove my first car to Docklands, then working docks, to take my young brother, an apprenticed marine engineer to his first ship lying at the docks. Now, of course, he could only get a plane.

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