Ministry of Justice

Following the correspondence a week or so ago about the virtues or otherwise of Basil Spence’s Ministry of Justice building, I passed it in the evening light and stopped, if not to admire it, at least to examine its incredible hulk.   It was built not for the Home Office as I’d thought, but as a speculative development to replace an old mansion block.   It was completed in 1976 by which time I thought brutalism had fallen from favour, but remains as a grand monument to its genre with a curious belt like a railway track running round its roofline (they were apparently modelled on medieval Italian fortresses):-


4 thoughts on “Ministry of Justice

  1. Joan says:

    My partner, Peter, worked for the MoJ in the building for a number of years. He had previously visited it when it was the Home Office with miles of internal corridors and separate rooms all in magnolia. By the time he moved in to the building in its new incarnation as the MoJ it had been extensively refurbished with large open plan spaces. He tells me that though functionally efficient the inside has none of the grandeur of the outside. There is, however, a large Conrad Shawcross sculpture in the foyer.

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