Richard Bram (2)

As of today you can have the pleasure of a different sequence of photographs as the opener to the blog (although weirdly I don’t see it myself):  more informal;  more summery;  taken in the streets of Stepney, rather than the purlieus of St. James.   Bram adopts what he calls the Jane Bown technique – that is, taking the photograph before one has a chance to pose.


9 thoughts on “Richard Bram (2)

  1. Richard says:

    Jane Bown was known for keeping it simple: Use one camera and one lens, usually the ‘standard’ 50mm, work quickly, quietly and don’t make a fuss or use a flash. Natural light is almost always good enough if your mind and eyes are open.

    • Sometimes – but I don’t understand the technology – a picture of me appears above the blogs and sometimes not. There are six of them in rotation and people had got bored of seeing the same old pictures over and over again. Charles

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