Castello di Bagnolo (2)

By a strange quirk of the Samsung, as I was walking round the park of the palazzo, my telephone turned to black-and-white, as if intuiting that this was the appropriate for a garden which feels unchanged since at least the first half of the last century.

The chapel, with the mountains beyond:-

The courtyard:-

This was the moment when the camera decided that it would look better in black-and-white:-

Then, you go through a gate into the garden:-


9 thoughts on “Castello di Bagnolo (2)

  1. Susie Blundell says:

    Great pictures in black and white – captures the light and the atmosphere perfectly. However I was looking for more on Wales – I thought you retreated there for most of August

  2. Indeed, that’s very strange – the first two photographs in this Blog are in glorious colour and then they become black and white, for no observable reason, though they are very beautiful.

  3. Maggie Justic says:

    It is all so reminiscent of Bertolucci’s Novocento, both in colour or black and white – you have stepped back in time, at any rate visually…complimenti, buona vacanza.

  4. Jocelyn says:

    Black and white photography is still the best for full attention to composition and content.

    Enjoy your holiday,

  5. Consolata d'Isola says:

    Hi Charles, how nice from you words and photos, looking forward to come home tomorrow and meet you and family as soon as possible.
    Fortress date before 1011, mentioned in archive charts.
    Malingri family established in the feudal property end 1200, become a county in 1410.
    ancestors of my mother in law Caterina, they were warriors, but also poets, scientist,writers,
    In our home, the Palazzo, archive since 1300, and a library of thousand books related to the interest of every count during centuries.
    We will have time to talk about and visit if you like

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