The Milk Machine

By special request, I am posting a picture of a Piedmontese milk machine in the high street of Bagnolo.   I thought there were two, but it turns out that the other one offers a choice of still or sparkling mineral water.   It’s flanked by a second machine which provides fresh cheese and a third condoms.   It’s symbolic of Piedmontese food culture that one can get fresh, unpasteurised milk, twenty four hours a day, out of a blue teat in a bring your own, recycled bottle:-


5 thoughts on “The Milk Machine

  1. Stoker Devonshire says:

    There is a similar milk machine at the Farm Shop next to the Harley Gallery at Welbeck Abbey in Nottinghamshire, highly recommended

  2. Denise Wilson says:

    You can buy raw milk from similar machines on several farms in the Lake District. £1 for the re-usable glass bottle, £1 for a litre of unpasteurised, delicious milk! Our local spot is in Broughton Mills: or
    Visit for details of 200 other UK suppliers

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