I found myself wandering round Pinerolo in the middle of the afternoon when everyone else was having a siesta or preparing for the National Holiday tomorrow (it’s Ferragosto).   Like a lot of Italian towns, it has a rather dull nineteenth-century town centre, where one finds the town hall, the riding school and other civic institutions and then, up the hill, is what survives of a medieval, sub-Alpine hill town:-

And, lastly, a picture of the railway station, waiting for the last train:-


7 thoughts on “Pinerolo

  1. Tony Valsamidis says:

    So you didn’t see anyone playing tarocco piemontese? Michael Dummett described the rules used in Pinerolo in his huge book on the game of tarot.

  2. Kate Woodhead says:

    Your photos made the most of what you called a dull town centre – really good photographs today, I particularly liked the lion gargoyle, the two very geometric black and white studies. Thank you.

  3. The other Comments are absolutely right – your photographs get better and better, both Black and White and Colour. Here is Pinerolo? It looks like the end of the line, literally.

    It seems to have been a splendid Italian sortie, even if not Anglesey. Have you read James Hamilton’s book on Gainsborough? VERY good. Extremely well reviewed by Philip Henscher in this week’s Speccie, and pretty well reviewed, though I say it myself, in Standpoint.

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