The Garden Museum

We had lunch in the café of the garden museum, a total pleasure, in the large and airy space designed by Dow Jones in what used to be the churchyard.   I wasn’t completely persuaded by the first phase of their work which created a wooden balcony within the structure of the church itself, but this was done very economically and has now been painted so that the structure tones in with the stone of the church.   And the new phase, which has been part funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, is spacious and with good use of wood and bronze.

This is the garden by the street:-

The old churchyard:-

The internal courtyard:-

Details of the wonderful Tradescants’ family tomb, with its inscription by John Aubrey:-

Inside was an exhibition of Eileen Hogan’s paintings of gardens and, upstairs, her surprisingly moving and very humane portrait of the Prince of Wales – very effective, but which I didn’t photograph.


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