A Family Album

I have been accused of having lost a family album, so was rather pleased whilst looking into the back of a filing cabinet to discover an old photo album from the 1930s, which is (I hope) the one that I mislaid.   The photographs are very small scale, so hard to reproduce.   There’s a good one of my grandfather, which is a studio photograph – I assume from 1918, since he is shown in military uniform (from April 1917 to the end of the war, he had been a chaplain on the western front) with my uncle, who would then have been aged 4 (born in December 1914):-

There is a picture of my mysterious grandmother, Ermintrude Buchanan Wollaston, always known as Bee, who I never met (she died in Anglesey during the second world war):-

My handsome uncle John, I guess when he was an undergraduate at Trinity College, Cambridge (the photograph dates from 1934):-

I thought this picture was also of him, but it turns out that, at the time, he couldn’t drive.   It’s apparently a friend of his, called Tom Creighton, and the vehicle, a Morris Oxford, was known as ‘The Cabbage Box’ (information kindly supplied by my cousin Hugh):-

My mother who was very keen on fishing:-

And my aunt Peg, whose album it was, on the occasion of her wedding to my uncle John:-


11 thoughts on “A Family Album

  1. Well discovered – everyone should have such photographs! Let us hope our children and grandchildren will be able to have all the photographs and ‘selfies’ that will record our generation.

    • It’s interesting how resonant such scrappy images are, presumably precisely because of their rarity, whereas I guess the next generation will have a superfluity of images, providing digital images remain accessible. Charles

  2. Richard says:

    How lovely to find these, Charles. You have your mother’s smile. Let me know if you’d like me to scan them in high detail for you – it would be a pleasure.

  3. Kate Woodhead says:

    What a handsome family. I can imagine how pleased you were to find the album – can we have a photo of the newly tidy study when you have finished your re-ordering of it.

  4. Jane Raven says:

    Hello Charles. Jane Raven here. Lovely pics. Anna gave me an album for my 50th recently (well – not that recently!) that she had made from Aunt Mary’s photographs. There are some great pics – including ones of your family. Shall I take some snaps and email them to you?

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