Westminster Abbey

Last Wednesday, I found myself in Westminster Abbey where Hawksmoor’s east towers were looking their best:-

It was also a pleasure to see the tombs.   I had forgotten what an extraordinary miscellany the nave presents of the great and the good:  Thomas Tompion, so well known that he needed no description;  Congreve, erected by the Duchess of Marlborough;  Newton, so prominent.   And the unremembered.

I came out by the West door:-


6 thoughts on “Westminster Abbey

  1. Oliver Domeisen says:

    I just welcomed to my library the fabulous two volumes of ” The History and Antiquities of the Abbey Church of St. Peter, Westminster” (1823) by John Preston Neale and Edward Wedlake Brayley published by Hurst, Robinson, and Co. The perfect guide to a great building.
    It’s a fabulous account of the wealth of monuments present at the beginning of the 19th C illustrated beautifully by Neale’s numerous and detailed edgings – I can only recommend!

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