Cressy House

This post is purely self-indulgent. As readers of my book will know, one of my favourite places in Stepney is Cressy House, near to where we live and with a surprising communitarian feel to it, full of bicycles and potted plants. There is apparently a book about it called The Red Cliffs of Stepney, but I’ve never seen a copy (if anyone has, please let me know). It was opened in 1896 by the East End Dwellings Company, a semi-philanthropic enterprise, established by Canon Barnett when he was vicar of St. Jude’s. The idea was ‘to house the very poor while realizing some profit’. I wanted to see if I could catch its character better with the Leica:-


9 thoughts on “Cressy House

  1. Hi there, I happened on your article entitled Dunstan House and felt I should mention that though I live here and welcome any article referring to it, the above is in fact Cressy House, a building that I believe was erected in 1896 and is not on Stepney Green but behind on Hannibal Road and Cressy Place. regards Bev Willis Esq.

  2. Tony Valsamidis says:

    Our first flat in London was in Cressy House. I didn’t know about the book – interesting. N once noticed a gentleman, Mr Gold, pointing up at our window and saying he had raised nine children in the tiny one bedroom flat. The posh flats had toilets. There’s a lovely guerrilla garden looked after by one of the residents in a raised bed on the corner of Cressy Place and Redmans Road. It has cardoons and sunflowers among other wonderful plants. I like the Leica pictures – I hope you’re using film!

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