I went for an early evening stroll south of where I’m staying, into Tribeca.   Past a shop specialising in the sale of Cook Books:-

Down Washington Street:-

I think this is CUNY, described as a megastructure and damaged in 9/11:-

I liked Kaffe 1668, an eccentric coffee shop:-

More signs:-

Everywhere, there was wonderful, surviving, old industrial architecture:-

I ended up buying socks from my friends in Best Made.


3 thoughts on “Tribeca

  1. Much too much about New York….we’ll have to be sure next time, you get to Boston, Charles!
    My teacher, Octavio Paz, had a nice turn of phrase on an old poem about Bostonians. He taught five years at Harvard…..”Boston, land of the bean and the cod. Where the Cabots speak only to Lowells, and the Lowells speak only to god……how bored god must be!” The last delivered with his lovely, soft Mexican accent. Some of the buildings are worth seeing.

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