I spent the afternoon going through the collections at Waddesdon more carefully than I have done previously, desperately trying to remember the sequence of Rothschilds who owned the house from 1880 when Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild first moved in to his massive neo-French chateau in what was known apparently as Rothschild-shire (first, Tring, built in 1848 for Lionel, who had a private zoo, then Aston Clinton, built in 1850, Mentmore in 1855 for Baron Mayer de Rothschild, then Waddesdon in 1880). I only took photographs in one room, the Morning Room, at the end of the sequence on the ground floor, and added to the house between 1889 and 1891 (Ferdinand’s architect apparently advised ‘one always builds too small’), because I liked the way that the light fell on the backlit photograph of – I think – Alice, who was Ferdinand’s older sister, who inherited the house on Ferdinand’s death in 1898 and lived until 1922:-

Then, I could scarcely help but admire the immaculate precision with which the Dutch paintings are hung, including the Cuyp:-

And The Pink Boy, companion and, for some reason, less well known than Blue Boy:-

These are taken with the Leica, as I’m not sure that the cameraphone could manage interiors so well.


2 thoughts on “Waddesdon

  1. Beautiful photographs. I couldn’t make out what the contraption was on the floor in front of the photograph.
    We had lunch there once and they serve fantastic wine by the glass.

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