We went to see Tatlin’s Tower today, a version of which was designed by Jeremy Dixon for the Royal Academy’s exhibition, Building The Revolution, in 2011, based on the original drawings (he had previously made one nearly forty years previously for an exhibition Art and Revolution at the Hayward Gallery).   After the exhibition, it needed a home and has now been re-erected next door to Norman Foster’s Sainsbury Wing, but just out of sight of it, and looks suitably magnificent, particularly when lit pink in the night:-

Tatlin’s Tower


2 thoughts on “Tatlin’s Tower

  1. jeremy dixon says:

    Dear Charles, Lovely pictures of the tower, thank you. I am reminded again of what a good photographer you are – I remember the portrait you took of me all those years ago that I have used for years (until the passing of time made it less appropriate) Thank you also for breaking your compositional habit in showing the whole object rather than a detail. It was a delight to see you and Romilly at Ariane’s tea party – what a beautiful house and garden they have, I can’t help an element of envy creeping into my reactions! Lots of love to you both,
    Jeremy x Sent from my iPhone

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