Fonthill (1)

I was incredibly pleased to have been invited to visit what remains of Fonthill Abbey. But less survives than I remembered: only the original north end of the Abbey which once contained the so-called Sanctuary and Oratory, with a State Bedroom and billiard room above, and originally reached from the main part of the Abbey by way of a 312 foot long Vaulted Corridor. It’s hard now to get a sense of its original ephemeral theatricality and the way that the Oratory was originally reached down a long crimson carpet with ‘the organ sending its deep prolonged music along the perspective of the immense galleries’. But one can at least still look out on the surrounding parkland, with avenues of trees planted by Beckford and Bitham Lake where Beckford liked to swim every day:-


2 thoughts on “Fonthill (1)

  1. Did you walk round the estate? It is beautiful in May with all the bluebells out but quite a blow today – we were out on the Margadale side by the lake today looking for the autumn colour which is not as good as last year the conditions are not so good. The whole estate has seen many changes with roads through it re-routed and houses pulled down and rebuilt elsewhere. Caroline Dakers has done a lot of research on the subject although a book has not yet come out on it – only one of a later family the Morrisons.

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