Tenth Anniversary

To judge from the plethora of comments in the Comments section (all now deleted), it looks as if I owe my readers an apology for having been sent a test email.   As readers may have noticed, I have been having problems with the formatting of the blog (and others have experienced problems in posting comments).   I hope the problems have now been resolved.

This morning, I was ambushed by a small celebration of the fact that we have now been fund-raising for our new building in Burlington Gardens for just over ten years, at which point, £50 million later and more still to raise (donations still very welcome), the portrait of Sir Richard Carew-Pole, the chairman of our appeal committee, by Christopher Le Brun PRA, and mine by Tom Phillips RA (very flattering because it is nearly fifteen years old) were turned into cupcakes and we all celebrated Richard’s remarkable, determined, infinitely patient and stalwart contribution:-


3 thoughts on “Tenth Anniversary

  1. Are you implying that you and Richard are Good Enough to Eat?

    Ten years is a remarkable achievement by both of you. And the Opening of 6BG next year will demonstrate that and will open a whole new, wonderful chapter in the history of the Academy. Are you going to write about it – a companion volume to your existing books on the RA ?

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