East London (1)

I have just got my copy of Maryam Eisler’s new book about East London, called Voices, which, like mine, is published by Thames and Hudson.   Hers is a different East London from mine:  about people more than places;  much more punky funky;  about music venues and motorbike shops and street art;  nightclubs and digital start-ups;  flamenco dancers and pearly queens;  opening with a hymn (or a prayer) to the area by Gilbert and George.   There’s a serious aspect to it as well because in attempting to describe and record the characteristics of the modernday east end through interviews with the people who live and work there, it demonstrates the odd mixture of characteristics which makes for a creative neighbourhood and the risk of it becoming antiseptic through the current process of radical urban development.   I appear towards the end – sitting in the garden ruminating and eating breakfast in the recently defunct Foxcroft & Ginger.   Her excellent photographs will appear above my blog once they have been reformatted.


One thought on “East London (1)

  1. Not exactly on point, but i wonder if you have seen the curious case of the “Waltham Forest San-serification.” Wherein a whole neighbourhood has had their signage redone and co-ordinated.
    Seems like a boneheaded dictat to me rather like the old Covent Garden Com. Ass. back in 1975 who required all paint work to be black or green…it upset us a great deal at the time but i forget the exact rules. It was a long time ago.

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