Tower Hamlets Cemetery

I walked back through the cemetery and took what I thought were beautiful photographs of it in autumn light.   But they didn’t really come out, so I have doctored them, which I don’t really approve of:-


5 thoughts on “Tower Hamlets Cemetery

  1. Leslie Hills says:

    Not a comment but a request for information. Writing a piece about a couple who married in St Andrew Church, George Street, Edinburgh I discovered that the bells which I am told now provide the oldest complete ring in Scotland – a unique peal of eight bells – were cast in 1788 by William and Thomas Mears at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry. I remember you writing about it and at the time it was not clear what would happen to the building. I can’t find an update on the net. I’d be grateful if you had any news of what is happening to the building.

    • I hoped that there might be a deal to save the building and some at least of the equipment. But it depended on a sympathetic attitude on the part of the property developer who bought the building. I have heard nothing recently. Charles

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