The Cranbrook Estate

The Cranbrook Estate, which was designed by Francis Skinner, Douglas Bailey and their mentor, Berthold Lubetkin, was looking very fine this morning, part of the postwar slum clearance which Nairn so deplored in Bethnal Green, involving the loss of a big area of workshops and terraced houses:-








3 thoughts on “The Cranbrook Estate

  1. Cranbrook represents some of the least inspiring Lubetkin (-inspired) residential architecture, in part the buildings themselves, but also the layout of the estate, which lacks a focus, and the variation in building scale has little impact. On the buildings themselves, I wonder if the green panels were posthumously added. Post-Grenfell it has been determined to be at some risk of a related fire.

  2. Perhaps. But one gets little sense of community or aesthetic appeal one finds on other similar modernist estates, such as Golden Lane or Spa Fields. But the residents past and present may demur!

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