Mayfair Awards

We had the presentation of the Mayfair Awards tonight in the John Madejski Fine Rooms. It made me realise how much of Mayfair I don’t know. There I am perambulating the back streets, but even so I don’t know where Hedonism Wine is which won the award for best window display (by the way, I don’t think I have ever said how much I admire the new shop at Berry Bros. & Rudd which was shortlisted as the best new shop in spite of having been founded in 1698). The one which was awarded purely by popular vote was our Local Hero, The Rev. Lucy Winkett, who ought to be a bishop by now.


2 thoughts on “Mayfair Awards

  1. Excellent blog – where is Hedonism Wine ? I agree entirely about Berry Brothers.

    Thank you for prodding me to Google Lucy Winkett : what a delightful and impressive woman ! Cambridge, Alexander Armstrong, Guys and Dolls, St Paul’s and now the lovely St James’s. The perfect CV for a Bishop !

    More side streets of Mayfair, please.

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