Tate Britain

We spent New Year’s Day happily in Tate Britain:  not too many people;  an opportunity to see the Rachel Whiteread exhibition again, including the installation of Untitled (One Hundred Spaces) in the central Duveen galleries:-

To admire the detailing of the Duveen galleries, which were designed, as I understand it, by John Russell Pope, the neo-classical architect of the National Gallery of Art in Washington (but in conjunction with Romaine-Walker & Jenkins):-

And we were pleased to see what seems to be a later cast of Old Flo (or is it the original ?  there is no label), on loan from a private collection, together with a maquette:-

Happy New Year !


One thought on “Tate Britain

  1. edward chaney says:

    Indeed by John Russell Pope and paid for by Duveen (both underrated in different ways methinx; as distinct from Rachel Whiteread?). I think I’ve responded on this topic before but in any case proudly repeat that my early 1990s English Heritage London Region report on Nicholas Serota’s proposal not merely to rename but to carve the words ‘Sackler Octagon’ into the frieze of the Duveen Gallery’s grand central space prevented this piece of ahistorical barbarism… In those days, thank goodness, EH had jurisdiction over grade 2 listed buildings in London though Jocelyn Stevens was trying to off-load this responsibility onto the boroughs (which i also – after securing my voluntary redundancy – opposed in a Torygraph article which apparently prompted one of his spectacular rages)…
    Happy New Year to you and yrs E

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