Lynn Chadwick RA (2)

A couple of postscripts to my entry on Lynn Chadwick:-

1.  I have realised that he only became an RA in May 2001 when he was already 86, so would have been elected as a Senior Member.   I assume that this was when Phillip King was President and got in some of the older generation of sculptors, who had not been keen on the RA, including Anthony Caro, who declined election in 1990, but accepted in 2004.   In fact, Chadwick kept himself apart from the London art world by moving from Cheyne Row to a cottage near Stroud in 1946 and then to a remote cottage near Cheltenham before buying Lyppiatt Park in 1958.

2.  Because I am currently reading Mark Girouard’s brilliant biography of James Stirling (Big Jim), I am struck by the parallels in their lives (they didn’t know one another) and the incredible sense of ambition and confidence of those who had served in the war and were then demobbed, including Chadwick, who worked as an architectural draughtsman in the 1930s, served in the Fleet Air Arm as a pilot during the war, returned to work for a firm, Arcon, which specialised in designing prefabricated buildings, and started making mobiles out of balsa wood as a sideline.   By 1956, he had won the International Sculpture Prize in Venice, beating Giacometti.


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