Nick Coker

Seeing the exhibition of Charles II at the Queen’s Gallery inevitably reminded me of Nick Coker, Peter Coker’s only son, who wrote his MA dissertation at the Courtauld Institute on Peter Lely, was going to work on iconoclasm under the Commonwealth and was the historical advisor to Peter Greenaway’s film The Draughtsman’s Contract, which celebrated the late seventeenth-century and its combination of art, sex and scandal, with a score by Michael Nyman based on the music of Purcell. It came out in 1982, just after the tv version of Brideshead Revisited and presumably belongs to the same moment of historical neo-romanticism.


One thought on “Nick Coker

  1. It was good to see Nick Coker remembered. Although I never knew him I know how much his death affected dear Peter and Vera Coker. They would be heartened to see his name brought to prominence by you Charles.

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