Museum Directors

The long flight out to Los Angeles gave me a chance to catch up on some reading, including a set of interviews with (mostly) current museum directors, Eleven Museums Eleven Directors, compiled by Michael Shapiro as he was standing down as Director of the High Museum in Atlanta.   There is a generational aspect to it.   Several were at Williams College – Shapiro himself, Glenn Lowry, Michael Govan – and several in nearly the same class at Harvard – Shapiro, Lowry, Gary Tinterow and Max Anderson.   What comes across are the needs to be much more attentive to audience, as articulated by Kay Feldman in Minneapolis, and new, multicultural identities, as voiced cogently by Thelma Golden, as the next generation takes over.


2 thoughts on “Museum Directors

  1. Extremely interesting. How little known this generation on American Curators is, as yet – certainly Thelma Golden in Harlem, and Kay Feldman in Minneapolis. What are you going to?

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