Jerwood Gallery

We had a late lunch in the lovely Jerwood Gallery, designed by Hat Projects, a perfect scale of urban gallery, surrounded by fishermens’ huts, and with an admirable modern British collection, recently assembled:-




The surrounding shoreline was vivid in the late afternoon sun, before a sudden sleet storm:-








8 thoughts on “Jerwood Gallery

  1. Your photos capture the shore admirably but don’t give any sense of the Jerwood itself – it’s an outstanding design, flooded with light and views.

    HAT is the partnership of Tom and Hanna (Loftus) – an all-too rare example of a woman architect designing a Gallery. Apart from M.J. Long, Sandy Wilson’s widow, the architect of the Falmouth Gallery.

    • I did pay very close attention to the quality and character of the interior gallery spaces, but they are quite domestic in scale and, as you say, have very good natural daylight, none of which is easily communicated in a photograph. Charles

  2. Thomas Ponsonby says:

    I’m sorry to have to agree with Mark that there’s little sense of the Gallery (from outside) merely an upsetting clutter of junk!

  3. Nevertheless the overall quality of your photographs is outstanding. How you do it AND take notes amazes me – you really are more impressive than Pevsner. More books, please.

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