Towner Gallery

We travelled to Eastbourne, a couple of hours, to see the collaboration between Andy and Peter Holden, Natural Selection, which we couldn’t see in Newington Road (no disabled access).   But the lift was bust, so we couldn’t see it here either. So, these are record photographs of the installation:-




3 thoughts on “Towner Gallery

  1. The Towner is an excellent regional Gallery, not only for its contemporary work but also for its superb Ravilious, and really interesting historic collection – it has the rare (only?) example of a van Aken painting – the great painter of clothes, used by Hayman, Reynolds and others. Well worth asking to see when you return.

  2. Yes, last year we were lucky enough to be in Eastbourne while the Ravilious exhibition was on – especially lucky as we had travelled from the bottom of the southern hemisphere and didn’t realise it was on till we just happened to be in Eastbourne. As you say, a very fine gallery for such a place.

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