Michael Hamburger

I have discovered, in reading more about Michael Hamburger and W.G. Sebald, both German émigrés who lived much of their lives in East Anglia, that their friendship was not straightforward, as appears in the Translator’s Note in Unrecounted, the volume of Sebald’s poems which Hamburger translated in 2005, where he reveals that ‘Although Max Sebald had given me copies of all his books published since our first acquaintance, he never so much as mentioned the writings of these miniatures to me and gave me no copy of For Years Now‘. Hamburger apparently described the final period of Sebald’s life ‘as a time of crisis…full of enigmas, conflicts and contradictions he chose not to clarify’. I learned this and much else about Sebald, including how Tacita Dean first came across his writings on a bus in Fiji in September 1999, in a website called Vertigo (https://sebald.wordpress.com). I recommend it.


2 thoughts on “Michael Hamburger

  1. edward chaney says:

    That most underrated of artists, R.B. Kitaj, was lambasted for being pretentious but produced a v fine (and succinct) image of Hamburger (whose brother changed his name to Hamlyn). But i don’t think he ever went to Fiji…

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