Burlington Gardens

The final stages of a big capital project are exciting, if a bit nerve-racking.   Today, the first work of art has been hung in the basement vaults which turn out to be unexpectedly magnificent spaces, since we dug down in order to improve disabled access;  the trees have been planted in the courtyard between the two buildings and the cobbles are about to be laid;  the sun is shining in the Gabrielle Jungels-Winkler galleries at the back of the building;  the Clore Learning Studio is nearly ready for action;  the gold lettering is being applied in the Dorfman Senate Room.    There is only six weeks to go to practical completion and maybe another two to the public opening.


6 thoughts on “Burlington Gardens

  1. That sounds wonderful. It has been surprising that the less obvious spaces (these, and the Toilets, have been beautifully designed. Many congratulations. These spaces may not win architectural prizes, unlike the Burlington Gardens Auditorium by David Chipperfield, but they are important and hugely to your credit.

    • I’m hugely admiring of Chipperfield’s attention to materials, fixtures and quality of detail. I wish I could claim any credit, but it’s thanks to Chipperfield and the culture of his practice. Charles

  2. Richard Rogers insisted that behind every good building there was a good client (he was referring to Lloyd’s), so it really is a credit to you, as well as David Chipperfield.

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