The Glass House

Having missed several tours of Lina and Pietro Maria Bardi’s Glass House during the week, I came at the weekend for one of the formal tours.  

The house was designed in 1951 by Lina Bo Bardi, not so long after she and her husband had emigrated to Brazil. While she was a communist, he had been a member of the National Fascist party, so they may have had to leave (he had also just divorced). I was shown a picture of him accompanying Mussolini:-


At the time, the area was still apparently rain forest, but is now a posh, hill-top suburb, not so far out.   An early (1951) photograph shows the house on bare hill-side, projecting on stilts:-


It’s now overgrown:-





Unfortunately, one isn’t allowed to take photographs of the interiors, which are perfectly preserved – one large room with the view, a huge, industrial sized kitchen and small bedrooms and – I guess – servants’ quarters at the back. He lived there and she worked there. They held parties there. He died in 1999.



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