Sebald and Book Design

I published my post on Michael Mitchell before I had discovered that there is, of course, more information than I had initially found online on Sebald’s attitude to book design and typography, in particular an article by Robin Kinross in his volume of essays Unjustified Texts, which compares the Harvill editions unfavourably with the original German editions, published by Die Andere Bibliothek.   But given the personality and temperament of both Sebald, who was deeply interested in typography and the layout of books, and Mitchell, who had such a good, if, like Sebald, somewhat old-fashioned view of typography, not to mention Bill Swainson, Sebald’s Harvill editor, I find it hard to imagine that Mitchell did not bring his characteristic sensitivity to the layout of type to Sebald’s first English publications.


2 thoughts on “Sebald and Book Design

  1. Thomas Ponsonby says:

    I worked with Michael for about 10 years on Jerwood Foundation business and we had huge (and creative) fun. He told me that WGS had strong views about where the illustrations should be placed in the text but Michael was not totally happy as he thought they looked “wrong”. Of course when one reads Sebald one realises why the illustrations are placed where they are.

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