Tacita Dean RA

In preparation for Tacita Dean’s exhibition which opens later this week in our new Gabrielle Jungels-Winkler Galleries, I have started reading her Selected Writing which the RA has published to accompany the exhibition.   I very strongly recommend it for the poetry of its evocative descriptions, its explanation for her obsession with clouds and four-leaf clovers, her description of the formation of collections, of the Gellért Baths in Budapest and the beach at Dungeness, written in the intensely allusive, memory-laden style – idiosyncratic and observational – of W.G. Sebald, but many of the pieces published before Sebald was (she first read Rings of Saturn in Fiji in September 1999 after her style was formed).


One thought on “Tacita Dean RA

  1. Mark Fisher says:

    Tacita Dean is simply wonderful. It my have taken the world some time to recognise it but now, at long last, she’s being applauded and praised. SAn amazing artist !

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