Tessa Jowell

I have just heard on the radio the news of the death of Tessa Jowell, not especially surprising owing to her cancer, but very sad nonetheless. I don’t always admire politicians, but I did her, for a special quality of warmth, friendliness and empathy which is rare is anyone, let alone a politician.


One thought on “Tessa Jowell

  1. pbmum says:

    Those of us living in Stratford have much to thank her for. I can’t imagine what the Stratford rail yards would have become – or how slowly they would have developed – without the Olympics. Equally those of us with children of a certain age have even more to thank Tessa Jowell for. My kids got hours of entertainment/education courtesy of Sure Start initiatives. Free sessions at the library etc. saved some of my sanity when my three were small.

    On a related note (Labour ministers and their impact on the arts) I am missing the contributions from Mark Fisher here. I hope he is well.


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