Pomo (1)

I called in at the Postmodernism exhibition:  nice, if small.   Jim Stirling’s No. 1 Poultry, beautifully illustrated in drawings which show it artfully in the context of its surroundings;  Rex Wilkinson of CZWG’s Cascades, with a disgracefully nasty review by Stephen Gardiner in the Observer which demonstrates the depth of prejudice at the time against any form of architecture which might give pleasure to the viewer or play games with formal language;  Terry Farrell’s MI6 Building;  John Outram’s Wadhurst Park which was my first introduction to the genre;  and then, unexpectedly, Jeremy Dixon’s original designs for the Royal Opera House, which are much less flamboyant examples of the style, but share an interest in classicism and contextualism, trying to avoid the destruction of Covent Garden as a neighbourhood, a quality for which it is inadequately appreciated.


10 thoughts on “Pomo (1)

  1. edward chaney says:

    Whereas my invite must of got lost in de post…? Still i was able instead to celebrate the great Desmond Morris’s 90th birthday round the corner at the Redfern (where i bought one of his nice surrealist pics); also v fine show of Claerwen James next door at Flowers Gallery (i’d long since got one of hers which are now beyond my means). Good that developers haven’t quite managed to kill off Cork Street; yr new RA entrance will no doubt greatly assist in its survival.. xe

  2. jeremy dixon says:

    Charles, I am astonished, indeed gratified, that you found time amongst all the excitements of the RA launch, to fit in a visit to the Soane Post Modern Exhibition. It is perhaps worth noting, as pointed out by Owen Hopkins, that all the drawings, paintings and models in the exhibition were done by hand, pre-dating the computer. The various images gain a special quality from their relationship to the skill of the human hand, the loss of which will eventually undermine a crucial aspect of the human inspiration to creativity – Jeremy

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  3. Dear Jeremy, Yes, I realised that. Are they your drawings or by David Naessens ? I was struck by the quality of the drawings of No. 1, Poultry and how they transformed one’s view of the relationship of the building to its surroundings (as did David Naessen’s drawing of the NPG). Charles

  4. jeremy dixon says:

    Why ‘Pomo’? An ugly term that is meant to be pejorative and is thus anti gay with some nasty overtones. The body of work undertaken, as the modernist canon faltered, is a broad church that deserves to be taken more seriously. Jeremy

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