Pomo (3)

One of the obvious things in reading about the history of Postmodernism in London is the extent to which, as with so many stylistic movements, it revolved round a relatively small group of people.   A key influence was Léon Krier, who came to London from Stuttgart in 1968, worked in James Stirling’s office for a year, lived in Belsize Park near Stirling and Ed Jones, and had a much more European view of urbanism and its history than most modernists at the time. Another was Charles Jencks, who studied under Reyner Banham and published The Language of Post-Modern Architecture in 1977. There’s a picture of this group by Carl Laubin all standing on the balcony of the Royal Opera House, Papadakis holding a banner for Post-Modernism: Andreas Papadakis, James Stirling, James Gowan, Léon Krier, Charles Jencks (it looks to me more like Ed Jones), Terry Farrell and Fenella Dixon (out of shot):-



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