Benjamin West Lecture Theatre

We had an event last night to celebrate and thank all those people who have bought seats in the Lecture Theatre:  a wonderful piece of collective philanthropy in which one person has bought seats in honour of a group of red collars;  another in honour of Angelica Kauffman.   People bought seats for their spouse or in memory of someone or just for themselves and came to sit in their seats for the first time in order to admire their handiwork and hear the differents strands of the story which has led finally to the completion of the building.


3 thoughts on “Benjamin West Lecture Theatre

  1. Mark Fisher says:

    Thank you, Charles. It was a wonderful occasion and both of you spoke excellently.
    What an architect Chipperfield is ! The acoustics are superb, and it was so good to see you both, and Romilly and Charlotte, at last in the space that has dominated all your lives for so long.

  2. So wish that I had been in London for the evening….. I sat in my seat at the opening night party
    — having dithered on the inscription for too long, it is unmarked — which I somehow like but the inscriptions are beautifully done — as is the entire room. Such a wonderful achievement. Congratulations to you all —

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